About Us

Blok is the designer and manufacturer of the STAX range of Hi-Fi Stands and AV audio racks. The STAX has a global reputation for both AV performance and style.


STAX History:

Blok’s STAX range of furniture has been carefully created for the housing of hi-fi and audio-visual equipment. Incorporating performance features within a contemporary design, STAX furniture will complement any room.

Available in a choice of finishes and sizes, STAX furniture is designed to display turntables, amplifiers, streamers and receivers to their best advantage whilst allowing a true AV performance. An integrated cable management feature ensures that any system can be easily set-up. The open-back ventilation allows the equipment to run at its optimum temperature.

The range comes in a selection of heights, from 450 mm to 960 mm, with the STAX X models featuring deeper spaces between the shelves to allow the storage of 12’’ vinyl collections. The width of STAX is 580 mm. The timeless minimalist design combined with hi-fi and AV performance ensures that this STAX range will build upon Blok’s established global reputation for performance and style.

STAX furniture is available in a choice of four finishes: Natural Oak, Walnut, Gloss White and Gloss Black. The tempered glass shelves are available in a Black or an Etched finish.


Blok is a trading name of Monitor Audio Limited. We are based in Rayleigh, Essex in the UK.