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We are a designer & manufacturer of  AV & Hi-Fi Furniture with a global reputation for design and AV performance.

The BLOK range features Hi-Fi Stands, AV Racks, Audio Stands and other AV Furniture. 

This page is an introduction and guide to the highly regarded and popular STAX Hi-Fi Stand, including photos of our standard models, aloingside some customer photos.

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BLOK  Hi-Fi Stands - Sound Furniture


STAX Hi-Fi Stands - The Birth of the Cool

HiFi Stand, Four Shelf, Oak, Black Glass, STAX 400, BLOK

The STAX 400 Hi-Fi Stand in Natural Oak with Black Toughened Safety Glass Shelves. £399.99 including UK delivery.


The STAX Hi-Fi Stand is a minimalist design classic. The stand embodies the modernist design principle of "Form follows function". Combinging audio performance with a solid and simple design, the STAX range dleivers looks and performance in one package.

"I have just installed my Blok Stax 400 Hi-Fi rack and the difference in audio quality with my Audiolab 8200's is very much enhanced."

The STAX 400 design began life in 2003 as the BLOK 400. The design has evolved throughout its lifetime without ever losing sight of the original premise.

Oak Hi-Fi Stand, Top Corner Detail, BLOK, STAX     Hifi Stand Rack, Walnut, Black Glass, Top Cap Detail, BLOK, STAX     HiFi Stand, Walnut with Black Glass, Side Detail, BLOK, STAX

10mm toughened safety glass shelves with a weight tolerance of 50kg. Real-Wood natural veneers. Milled Steel Top-Caps


AV Performance Features - Not just a pretty face...

"A simple and effective design that gives useful isolation across most of the audio band."  - Hi-Fi Choice 

The stylish contemporary looks of the STAX range look great in wide range of residential and commercial settings, however that's only part of the story. The stands have been designed to perform within the strenuous demands of a Hi-Fi and AV environment, and include the following AV performance features.

- 10mm toughened safety glass shelves

- Solid and stable construction.

- 50Kg per shelf weight capacity

- Open-back ventilation & cable access

- Heat resistant for AV environments

- Integrated cable management

- Floor height adjusters, with fittings for M8 acoustic spikes

- Natural real wood veneers or Hi-Gloss finishes

Hifi Stand, Walnut, Black Glass Shelves, BLOK, STAX 300

Walnut STAX 300 Three Shelf Hi-Fi Stand Rack with Black Toughened Safety Glass Shelves. £299.99 including UK delivery.