BLOK Re-launches Iconic STAX Hi-Fi Stands

BLOK STAX Hi-Fi Stand Relaunch Wood Finishes

BLOK AV Furniture has announced the return of the iconic STAX Hi-Fi Stand.


The classic STAX stand will be available to order from the company website BLOK Direct  as of Friday November 20th 2015.


With four colours as standard, and two glass alternatives, plus four shelf height options, the STAX can now be ordered in one of 32 different configurations. Meanwhile, custom wood finishes and colours can be ordered in the BLOK Custom Shop.


All pieces available for purchase will be in stock for next working day delivery to the UK mainland.


“We received so many enquiries regarding the STAX stand that we just had to find a way to bring it back,” said MD, Dan Quill. 


The Saffron Walden based AV furniture company sold thousands of STAX stands over a ten year period up until 2013, when the company’s business model evolved into a bespoke and custom design manufacturing service for AV furniture.


“Under the bespoke model, it was simply impossible to maintain a price-point that could accommodate a margin. So, at the time it made sense to cease mass production, and to continue with the STAX as a bespoke solution.”


“At the time we didn’t realise how popular the STAX was. Not only do we get continuous interest from all across the world, but there’s even a community of owners out there on social media who are passionate about the STAX. So ultimately, we’ve decided to reorganise our business and to bring it back.”


The origiinal company will continue to specialise in designing & making high-end AV furniture, however, going forward, the BLOK name will be used exclusively for the re-launched STAX.


“Despite the fact that we design & make everything from bespoke recording studio furniture to custom DJ tables, the name BLOK remains synonymous with the STAX Hi-Fi Stand in the minds of the AV public. Therefore, it made sense that if we were going to bring back the STAX, we would need to move the cabinetry and bespoke business into our sister brand Audinni.” 


The re-launch of the STAX will be accompanied by a re-designed website at, and a branding strategy dedicated solely to the range. The bespoke AV furniture business will be showcased on a new website at


“The new STAX website goes live on November 20th, and will be a multi-device responsive e-commerce platform for both trade and retail customers, with strong links into social media."



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